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Workplace Relations Law

Workplace Relations Law

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First Choice Legal Services has been involved in a variety of workplace employment and industrial relations matters. For employment law, we can assist with:
– Drafting employment contracts, terms and conditions

– Providing representation for cases of unfair dismissal

– Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial and workplace disputes

– Offering advice for workplace contracts, including financial advice for termination of employment

– Offering advice regarding employee and company taxation concerns

– Drafting and negotiating enterprise agreements

– Protection of intellectual property

– Drafting terms and conditions of internet and email usage

– Discrimination and harassment issues

For industrial law, we can provide assistance with:

– Drafting and negotiating the resolution of industrial disputes

– Advising clients for workforce restructuring

– Drafting and negotiate policies and procedures

– Statutory obligations under Commonwealth and State legislation

– Risk management of workplace hazards